Mystic Mag California | Interview

Mystic Mag California | Interview

A Holistic Approach to Wellness and Wedding Ceremonies: A Conversation with a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wedding Officiant Francesca Bonta | Get to know this amazing woman in this insightful MysticMag interview & article by Petar Vojinovic |

Francesca's intuitive abilities help her create unique ceremonies. She captures the couple’s essence and celebrates their love through storytelling. She includes elements like honoring loved ones, and weaves everything together to create a poetic experience. The spiritual side of her naturally shines through, and couples who resonate with it are drawn to Francesca's services. 


How do you integrate mind-body-spirit principles into your approach to wellness? How does that differ from more conventional approaches to health?

I use an eclectic mix of healing modalities to bring the mind-body-spirit connection from an empowering perspective. I encourage people to see their own abilities to heal themselves and their own insights. We work with alignment from the inside out. I encourage people to feel their body’s intuitive communication and use elements in nature to aid healing. Nature sends messages all the time, like noticing birds or the wind. We also use sound bathing and instruments like ocean drums or crystal balls. Stones are also important; sometimes, you’re drawn to a particular stone for its message.

Can you share an example of how you helped a couple create a meaningful, unique wedding ceremony? What made the experience special?

I take time to get to know the couple and their story. Through eloquent storytelling, I capture their essence and celebrate their love. I include personal elements and address challenges like family dynamics or difficult situations. I help with vow writing and ease wedding nerves. The ceremony is organized and well-balanced, ensuring a magical experience.

How do you tailor your services as a wedding officiant to reflect a holistic and personalized approach? How do you help couples infuse their values and beliefs into their wedding ceremony?

My intuitive abilities help me create unique ceremonies. I capture the couple’s essence and celebrate their love through storytelling. I include elements like honoring loved ones, and I weave everything together to create a poetic experience. The spiritual side of me naturally shines through, and couples who resonate with it are drawn to my services.

What advice do you provide to couples in terms of meeting healthy balance and self-care during the wedding planning process? How do you support their well-being beyond just the wedding day?

I support couples through the planning process with my organized approach and connections to other vendors. I’m available for conscious coupling experiences, healing sessions, or even mini-retreats before the wedding. I offer a calming presence to ease wedding nerves. The whole process feels like a partnership, and my balanced approach ensures their well-being.

How do you stay updated on the latest developments? How do you inform yourself about whether something new has happened, how do you discover new things? How do you do your research?

I’ve undergone numerous trainings in the past, but now I learn through experience, collaborating with other lightworkers, and connecting with colleagues. I’m finalizing my own training course, which incorporates years of experience. I stay curious and grounded, always open to learning from others and evolving my offerings.


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