Introducing my NEW Chakra Alignment Course

Introducing my NEW Chakra Alignment Course

It is finally here friends. After many years of cultivating the ability to offer this, I found the perfect women to help me manifest my dream into a reality. This course is designed to help you learn how to harness your cosmic power from the inside-out, so you can inhabit the eye of your personal world.

Ancient mystics have been actively working with the body’s Chakras for thousands of years. And what any true master will tell you is that we're never 'done'. Everyone is a work in progress.

What they also say is that no one makes this journey alone — we all need tools to help us along our personal path to joy. 

This course offers you easy entry into the fundamentals of your energy body ~ foundational guidance as you become the best of what you desire for yourself. 

Your Chakras are wheel-shaped centres of rotating life-force energy that align along your spine. Each Chakra corresponds to nerve centres in the physical body, regulates specific organs, hormones, emotions and perceptions, and can be rebalanced in a variety of ways.

Knowing when and how to rebalance your Chakra system, you will:

• Gain confidence in your ability to address your life’s challenges.

• Better understand daily patterns that undermine you.

• Go beyond surface symptoms for deeper healing.

• Learn how to work with individual Chakras productively.

• Open to opportunities for daily grace and ease.

• Discover simple ways to invite greater joy into your life.

With this course you will have everything you need to constructively work and play with your own Chakra energies in supportive, helpful ways that bring lightness to your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

• Chakra lesson videos including all 7 Chakras and introduction.

• Bonus videos including nutritional guidance and Chakra rebalancing exercises.

• Access to one of the monthly live online Integration Sessions on Wednesdays starting Nov 16, 2022. 

• Easy-to-implement techniques & tools to rebalance your Chakras. 

• Beautifully designed Chakra e-guidebook full of tips & prompts to help you track your energy shifts.  

You Will Learn

Lesson 1

An overview of your Chakra system

Your Chakras: The magic within and how to use it for greatest good.

Lesson 2

Getting to the Root of everything

First Chakra: Finding your inner stability to foster personal safety and greater grounding.

Lesson 3

Swimming in the belly of co-creation

Second Chakra: Exploring your innate gifts of creativity, sensuality and pleasure.

Lesson 4

Reconnecting the fire of your free will

Third Chakra: Setting clear boundaries and making good choices that support self-trust.

Lesson 5 

Getting to the Heart of the matter

Fourth Chakra: Nurturing self-love, gratitude and forgiveness for true freedom.

Lesson 6

What stories are you telling yourself (and others)?

Fifth Chakra: Speaking your truth while listening to your voice of reason.

Lesson 7

Seeing with your inner eyes

Sixth Chakra: Connecting to universal truth and my intuitive knowing.

Lesson 8

Opening to Divine Guidance

Seventh Chakra: Embodying a co-creative force for good in the world.

Register Now and Enjoy...

  • 7 Chakra lesson videos
  • An introduction to Chakras video
  • Chakra rebalancing exercises videos
  • Live food nutrition video
  • A rich & detailed Chakra e-guidebook 
  • Easy-to-follow tips, techniques & practices

Plus Amazing Bonuses!

All course content is easily accessible in your online library forever.

Investment: $149



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