Empowered Women Empower Women

A couple months I shared with you some kind and supportive words written by Erin Campbell during her adventures with Lindsey Edwards here at Karma Studio!  This month I am sharing Lindsey's article.  I am completely humbled by their written expression!  I feel it necessary to publicly thank them again for there time and energy.  

I sadly hear of women stating how much they loathe working with other women; the competition, gossip, jealousy and what not.  But I am grateful that my experience in surrounded by women daily is to the contrary.  I find that we love and support each other, lift each other's spirits and learn tremendously from each other. To all the wonderful women in my life, I love ya!  Thanks for all you are to me because you fuel me to do the work I do.  I am honoured to be a part of your journey.  And on the note of thanking the women, I thank the beautiful men that support and empower us to be amazing.  Honouring the divine feminine as you do, both in women and in yourselves.

Enjoy how Lindsey expresses what we have to offer you here at Karma Lifestyle Yoga & Holistic Health. 


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