Five Benefits of Aerial Yoga Classes

A Karma we LOVE Aerial Yoga ! We encourage our students to take a class so that they can further their appreciation of the balance, awareness and serenity that can be enhanced through expanding their Yoga practice. In aerial yoga the silks are a prop, not unlike a strap or block, and assist alignment allowing you to feel an immediate sense of spinal decompression. The silks assist students through various positions and classes are designed to help you gain a better understanding of your body and Yoga postures. 

5 Benefits of Aerial Yoga 

1- TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: During an aerial yoga classes every muscle in your body is engaged providing both a relaxing and intense full body workout. Forcing your body to move and stretch tones and lengthens your body while strengthening your joints and providing decompression to your spine.

2-GREATER FLEXIBILITY: Because your have more freedom of movement, compared to a mat on the floor, you can allow your body to freely move into new positions that provide a more fulfilling stretch then traditional yoga offers. 

3-PSYCHOLOGICALLY BENEFICIAL: Like an other form of exercise yoga is and always will be beneficial but by putting yourself in a more challenging situation then you are used to, aerial yoga forces you to be more alert and aware of surrounding. It also forces you to concentrate due to the fact that you are off of the ground. 

4-STRENGTHENED MUSCLES: The best thing about aerial yoga is that gravity is constantly challenging you to work your muscles harder. It is also a great core workout because your have to constantly engage every muscle to balance and stabilize yourself throughout the class. 

5-STRESS RELIEF: Much like traditional yoga aerial is great for stress relief. While using traditional yoga poses and stretches aerial yoga forces you our of the safety for a normal yoga class so you experience and satisfaction that you had the courage to try something new and exciting !!! 

If you would like to try one of our Aerial Classes you can check them out here: you decide to try this unique and exhilarating yoga class here are some tips for beginners : 


And in case you try it out here are some first time tips: 

*Do not use hand lotion before class

*Remove all jewellery, watches and anything that might get tangled or caught

*Go barefoot

*Trim your nails

*Wear comfortable, fitted clothing

*Have fun !

Hope to see you at a class soon !  

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