Yoga for Back Pain

One of the most common ailments to affect most people is chronic low back pain. We know that regular yoga practice can prevent and heal many injuries, with the right class and instructor, but it has recently been proven that attending regular yoga classes can be just as effective in the treatment of low back pain as regular sessions of physical therapy. 

A recent study from Dr. Saper of the Boston Medical School has proven that yoga is just as effective as physical therapy for chronic low back pain. The foundation of yoga largely depends on core strength which aids in the stability of the spinal structure, allowing your body to function at its optimum level. Previous research has already shown that yoga improves pain and function and reduces medication use but this recent study would mean that more people would be able to find relief through yoga and are more likely to have longer term benefits. 

Chronic back pain affects a large number of adults and is one of the top complaints told to family doctors on a regular basis. Most of the time those doctors refer their patients for physiotherapy to treat the problem but this recent study illustrates how integrating alternative wellness methods into the traditional medical system would benefit not only patients would allow more patients to receive relief from this chronic ailment. Yoga classes are available in most places and far more cost effective for people looking to find a long term solution to their pain. Most of the time it is a lack of education on the part of the doctor but as yoga continues to become less alternative doctors are sure to take notice of its effectiveness and seemingly unending benefits.  

Yoga focuses on the mind body connection through gentle stretching and balancing while holding poses. At Karma we offer a variety of classes so that you are sure to find one that suits your strengths and yoga journey. This study is just one of the latest to support jhow therapeutic yoga can be, not just for the soul but for the body. Validation from the traditional medical community is not necessary for something that has been around for thousands of years but its exciting for yoga to be entering the mainstream. 

We have always known we are a part of something special :) 

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