NEW Chakra Alignment Course

NEW Chakra Alignment Course

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Have you been feeling off balance lately? 
Are you curious about chakras in general? 
Do you feel like you are missing an important piece to feeling aligned? 
This is why I have created this Chakra Alignment Program:

  • To help you balance your energetic & physical body.
  • For you to learn to use alternative healing modalities.
  • To empower you to live your best life. 
  • To bring your Chakras into alignment.

Enjoy this Introductory Video

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All the details of this self-directed course are available!

If you do not use this link above, you will still receive the course material, however you will have an extra step & a short wait to access the material.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kim D
Interconnectedness & Chakra Awareness

Francesca Bonta is an incredible person. I am so grateful that offers this amazing chakra course. She is so insightful and knowledgeable and effortlessly guides you through exploring your Chakras and their interconnectedness. You feel grounded and supported working through balancing and understanding your energies. Francesca is even available for support between classes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of your previous experience or understanding of Chakras.

Accepting the Light and Dark Sides of Myself

Francesca created a safe space and community to learn about the chakras. Along with knowledge, she gave practical tools to support each chakra. My favourite were the mantras, yantras, meditations and blissful music that accompanied each chakra. I feel that I learned more about myself throughout the course and as I did the work I learned to accept and balance the light and dark parts of myself. I will continue to heal in a deeper way as I go over the course material, watch the recorded videos and use the tools that Francesca provided. Thank you Francesca for being a supportive guide in my healing journey by offering this Chakra Alignment Course. 💖
In light and love, Fil.

Josephine B
Inspired Awakening

Taking this course was the best experience I have had on my "yoga journey". I am retired, yet seem to not have a lot of me time as my family still requires a lot of my time. I am so grateful to have carved out this space for myself. I have practiced yoga for 15 years, yet this course deepened my physcial and emotional experience with yoga to a whole new level. It really helped me to go within and see all my growth thus far and so much opportunity to expand. I feel more alive than I ever have before. I really liked the flexibility to go back and review the material and to be in the comfort of my home and in the company of like-minded people was an extra bonus. I felt safe, supported & valued throughout the entire experience.

Brooke S
Loving, Safe & Supportive

The chakra alignment course is an investment that I know will continue to reveal itself in my everyday life. So much valuable information, perfectly mixed with reflective opportunities and practical action steps.
Thank you for the opportunity to look inward in a guided way, all shared with a group of like-minded humans.
Loving. Safe. Supportive.
I know I’ll circle back to this work in an endless loop. Thank you Francesca

Lisa G
My Initial Exploration & It was so Profound

Francesca's Chakra Balancing course was a great introduction to chakras. As someone new to Chakras and energy work, I found the program very welcoming and open. I appreciated Francesca's encouragement to explore my own path, trust my intuition, and to take what resonated with me and leave what doesn't. I found that some of the things we talked about in the class would unexpectedly pop into mind throughout the week which helped to broaden my awareness of what I was experiencing in my day-to-day life.