"Nourish Your Soul" Wellness Box
"Nourish Your Soul" Wellness Box
"Nourish Your Soul" Wellness Box
"Nourish Your Soul" Wellness Box

"Nourish Your Soul" Wellness Box

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Wellness Kits to brighten the days for anyone who is fortunate enough to get their hands on one! 
Includes some of our favourite items!
Send to a friend or treat yourself!

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Gift

This was the most supportive gift! Loved all the the components & it came in the cutest little box!

I am so happy this was the pick me up you needed!

Vasilisa Soldatova
Beautiful products!

I've received a wellness box as a gift and it's loaded with goodness! The 'Chontelle' cream is a an absolute dream. It just melts into my hands without leaving them greasy. And I can use my cellphone right away. The unscented soaps don't dry out my hands, leaving them soft after washing. I like to use the Grace oil blend in my bath, along with the salts. The tea is a cherry on top!

AWWWW thank you! Such a sweet review, almost as sweet as you are! I am so happy you were gifted one of the Wellness Boxes, you absolutley deserved the treat and thensome!

Jennifer C

The wellness boxes are adorable! I gifted one & kept the other for myself! The products are beautiful & provide a well rounded pampering experience. I LOVE the fragrance of the Chontelle cream.

I LOVE that you LOVE them. Extra happy you are enjoying the self pampering too!

One of a kind products

I was so honoured to be gifted a wellness box and have an amazing chat with Francesca about all of the amazing products included inside. Before I even opened the box I was in love. Trying out all of these specially curated items has been such a joy! And that oil! It’s definitely my new favourite 🤍

Brianna, your compliments totally light my heart! Such a huge honour that you LOVE my products. I am so excited for what we have in store for the future!

Immune Boost

I have a immense love of Karma Chai, been drinking it regularly for months now and noticed how much stronger my immune system has been. Then Francesca gifted me a Wellness Box and I LOVE everything about this! My friends and clients will be receiving these as I want everyone to experience the power of her Healing Energy infused in everything she creates.

Anna thanks for all your love and promoting my line to all your friends! Love what you do professioanlly, and what you do to support others!