Wellness Coaching: Virtual Session

Wellness Coaching: Virtual Session

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Receive the sound guidance and support you need to find balance mind, body & spirit with natural, safe & effective modalities such as essential oils, nutrition, crystals and movement based programs.  Discover & implement practical life long strategies to achieve your desired state of health with ease & grace.  Be held accountable while you become empowered to reclaim the life you deserve to live.

The initial intake session is 75min & supplements with an action plan.  Follow-up sessions will be determined depending upon client needs.  Package Pricing is available and will be discussed individually.



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Customer Reviews

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A great kickstarter (even though virtually)!

Found myself in a downward spiral internally (mentally, emotionally that causes ridiculous physical exhaustion)!

Reaching out to Francesca was a great Kickstarter towards bringing back the person I was, and even better! Francesca’s intuitive guidance, but yet subtle and non-invasive approach in my nutritional needs,
as well as to my off-balance energy.

How deep and positively progressive when one is assisted by the hands to first acknowledge, and then eradicate the actual root-of-cause of any internal dis-ease (literally)!

I am based in Germany, and Francesca is in Canada. We’ve not met once in person throughout our sessions. My energy had certainly been cleansed, shifted and rebalanced.

To me, what make such intangible wellness coaching sessions work beyond effective? The gradual changes I made to my lifestyle subconsciously - in terms of nutritionally, and state of consciousness to my well-being and personal
emotional space as I move on.

These changes are the deepest level of change that has lasting and permanent affect, through Francesca’s highly effective coaching tools! A rare gem she is indeed! ❤️

Aznita, it is such an honour to have been able to support you and the true testament is that you have maintained the shifts from our experience throughout the year. It is the collective energy of working together that is key. You have maintained your commitment to yourself! You allowed yourself to be vulnerable & see the truth. Allowed yourself to release the energy that was holding you back. It is beautiful to see the shifts you made in such a short time & even more lovely to see the direction your life has taken. In LOVE & LIGHT my friend!