1-Day Yoga Retreat
1-Day Yoga Retreat
1-Day Yoga Retreat

1-Day Yoga Retreat

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Join me for a day of yoga, meditation, healthy eating and nature that will leave you feeling rejuvenated & transformed. The retreat can take place at the Bonta Estate in Cobourg or your own private location. All the delicious foods you'll enjoy on the day will be prepared in house with love. Vegan and gluten-free guaranteed to please all your taste buds and to defy any reservations you may have. We will be using fresh ingredients right from the garden too!

This full day retreat includes: 

  • Welcome Circle
  • Slow Chakra Flow
  • Vegetarian Lunch (Indian Dahl & Rice)
  • Garden Tour (flowers and veggies)
  • Walking Meditation
  • Mandala Creation
  • Afternoon Dessert & Karma Chai
  • Healing Restorative Yoga
  • Crystal Guided Meditation Journey
  • Closing Circle


  • rubber boots/water shoes
  • a towel
  • extra clothing to accommodate weather
  • yoga mat
  • cushion & blanket 
  • bug repellent/sunscreen
  • a journal
  • folding chair (optional)
  • open heart & lots of smiles (mandatory)
Date: TBD, 11am - 5pm

Location: Your private location or Bonta Estate, Cobourg, Ontario


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cindy Dickson
Great Retreat!

Hi there. I’m a little late writing this review. Thank you to Francesca for such a great experience. It was refreshing and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

It is never to late to spread kindness. I am thrilled that months later you are still remembering this magnificent day!

Melanie Mcgill
A relaxing and empowering day

This was my first retreat but not the last! I signed up last minute and it was so great escaping from everyday life, chores and stress. I enjoyed the group of women, the amazing food and especially being outside - connected to nature-all day. Absolutely amazing!

Mel I am so happy you made the time for yourself. Sometimes those last minute moves are the best. Looking forward to lots of more amazing moments together!

Alina Nitcheva
Great retreat

The retreat was beautiful, very grounding and relaxing. The surroundings were lush green, quiet and with the birds singing, you really have time to experience nature as part of the activities. Francesca’s guidance is truly wonderful whether you are a beginner or advanced, all the activities were well designed and one of the best things was the amazing lunch - you could feel the healing power of food! Highly recommend

Alina I am so happy you were able to make this retreat day. Isn't it amazing what a short trip outside of the city can do for the soul. I do hope that we will see more of eachother. You were a beautiful addition to the group. I love how new and former clients bond so easily in my offerings. Hugs until the next time.


This was my third retreat with Francesca. Each time has been unique. I love the yoga, meditations, food, people, special treats, and products offered. It is also great to be outdoors in nature.

Noelyn, I am so happy to have you back for events and to have been part of your life for so many years. You always bring so much joy to each event, class & moments all around!

Allie Powers
The perfect Sunday

This was my first time going to a yoga retreat and I highly recommend! It was a great group of people, and a joyful day. Looking forward to attending another retreat.

Allie it was so lovely to meet you! I sure am glad you trusted your intution and came out for a day long event! I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing more offerings with you.