Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session
Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session
Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session
Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session
Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session

Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session

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In this deeply relaxing one-on-one session, you’ll have the opportunity to shift the stagnant energy from your body making room to leave you feeling lighter & energized. An eclectic mix of healing modalities including sound bathing, crystals, reiki, essential oils & intuitive energy is offered to support you.  Wellness guidance, nutrition advice, mindset training, metaphysical & spiritual counselling are all weaved into this unique signature healing offering,

There are seven main Chakras in the body that are connected to our emotions and physiology. If your chakras are balanced,  you feel balanced and lighter. 

If you choose to have an in-person session, you’ll comfortably lie on the table a receive a gentle touch & the use of essential oils based on your specific needs. The session may be done fully clothed or professionally covered with the use of essential oils much like an aromatherapy massage. 

If you choose to have an online session, you can lie from the comfort of your home and receive the same benefits than in a traditional, in-person appointments, since reiki is a high vibrational energy force that can be practiced at any distance. 

Every session is unique, meeting your specific need, yet all experience the outcome of having greater clarity and feeling amazing.  It summary, it is an experience of true bliss! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Nadia Bader (Nadia Breese)
Gifted Healer

Francesca emanates love, beauty and an internal wisdom. She is intuitive and shares her energy and wisdom with passion and authenticity. I have had a number of experiences with Francesca (chakra rebalancing, reiki, heart chakra workshop, mala making) and each one has left me feeling renewed, hopeful and lighter. Francesca is the real deal. It’s a joy to be in her presence.

Karen Marshall

It was a very pleasant experience and I feel more peaceful and will definitely book more appointments

Carolina Santos Read
Just what I needed

I’m 15 weeks pregnant & while biased a tad as Francesca is just such a special person, I was so excited to try this session. It was better than I expected. I was so full of happiness at the end I cried happy tears while putting my clothes back on. A mixture of massage, reiki, crystals, oils, and a card reading with a little sound therapy. Healing session couldn’t be a more fitting way to describe this. I’ll be back! Thank you so much, Francesca 🤍☺️🙏🏼

Amazing Francesca

I have been going to Francesca for many years for yoga and healing sessions. I was off work with back problems and she offered private sessions for me until we figured out what yoga classes would be best for my body. I still see her monthly for a energy healing that help keep me grounded and balanced. I am so glad to have Francesca in my life for all the help and support she gives.
She also came though for my daughter's wedding as it was rescheduled, I guess third time is a charm! Francesca was able to come and officiate and make our day beautiful and amazing for all.
She is an amazing person, I am lucky and happy to call her my friend. Love you, Sedge

Janine Plotkin
Gentle Soothing Soul

Francesca is a beautiful soul that makes you feel safe and comfortable like a good pair of cozy pj's. I went for my first session with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. I am too a Holistic healer and wasn't sure what to expect. I was in awe of the messages that she gave to me. They were exactly what I needed to hear that day. Her wisdom has stayed with me and has shifted me to a higher level of consciousness!! Forever grateful 🙏 💜