Elopement | Ceremini

Elopement | Ceremini

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This package is designed for couples looking for a short and sweet ceremony experience which allows for vow and ring exchanging in the presence of a few key people.  It is inclusive of an initial consultation, a meeting before the ceremony, personalization in the script elements, the ceremony and legal paperwork.

Initial Consultation

We will have a phone meeting to make sure this package fits your vision and then you'll be sent the official wedding contract. Once the wedding contract is completed and your payment is received your date is secured. The contract and payment are required to secure your spot. 

Meeting Prior to Your Ceremony

Prior to your wedding date we will set up a quick meeting to discuss what will be included in your ceremony. You will also be sent an online form to complete with all details.  This meeting is to ensure that your experience is personalized and heartfelt!  


On the day of the wedding we will meet promptly at the scheduled time at our predetermined location in Liberty Village. Be ready for magic!

Requests outside of Liberty Village will be subject to a travel & parking fee which will be discussed on an individual basis.


Following the Ceremony, we will complete the necessary paperwork with your witnesses and I will submit your completed license to the Marriage Office within 48 hours. You will be personally guided as to how you can apply for your Marriage Certificate online anytime after the wedding and will receive it within a few months. Should you need the Marriage Certificate expedited for any reason Francesca can efficiently guide you through the entire process. 

Note: To avoid any last minute inconveniences, please ensure you bring your own pens, the rings, the Marriage License in the Government Envelope and any other ceremonial materials/props you may need. 

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Customer Reviews

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Aakanksha & Charankamalpreet Aakanksha & Singh Hundal
Cermini celebration

Francesca was great and professional. My family loved her speech and the whole ceremony was heartwarming and lovely. I would definitely recommend her to my friends for their weddings.

Isaiah Abuharoon
It was wonderful

Originally I was going to only do paper work but my, now wife and I decided to do the elopement ceremony! It was so wonderful the vows we said to each other were beautiful and it was a night to remember. Francesca you made it so simple and easy to book and you were great to us! Thank you
-Ava and Isaiah

V & M
A Memorable Ceremini

We knew that setting up the day of our dreams in such a short amount of time would be a challenge. We left Francesca a message on a Monday, hoping she could at least fit us into a documentation-only slot for Saturday. Recognizing the urgency of our situation, she quickly got in touch to talk us through immediately applying for a marriage license and to check off anything else we might need. She was also fully transparent with her schedule and reassured us that if any complications came up, we could work things out.

We were able to get a spot for our license in time - but then as the day drew closer and we grew more excited about it, we asked Francesca if we could have a proper ceremini to celebrate it. She was fully flexible with this change, and even had several conversations with us to talk through different possible venues and logistics arrangements.

Eventually, the venue we decided on was the one she recommended. She gave us a few other pointers to make sure things would be set up for us properly, and helped with a few added touches to make the occasion even more special. On the day itself, she conducted things beautifully, making sure all of our friends in attendance could see and hear the ceremini and the wonderful passages she delivered that told our story and the future we were ready for. And she was extremely pleasant throughout, socializing well with us and all of our friends to partake and add to the cheer.

A beautiful experience all in all - we can thoroughly vouch in Francesca to make your day special :)

Elopement in purple!

I am usually a highly sensitive person. I tend to overthink stuff and easily get overwhelmed to the point where I withdraw from everything for days.

We started discussing the ceremony while I was preparing for my defence exam. It was already a quite stressful time for me but Francesca was accommodating and very patient.

Reflecting on our wedding day, I remember her sparkling kind eyes and beautiful calming words as she was performing the ceremony. It all felt truly magical!

She also gave us tips for photography spots in liberty village and helped us through the application process for expediting the wedding certificate.

Opting for a lady officiant for our wedding was, without a doubt, the best decision!

Abbas & Zainab Moosavi
Wonderful Ceremini

This was such a beautiful and intimate wedding. It felt very special! Francesca was wonderful! She really helped since day one with everything that we could do to make things go smoothly. She really went out of her way to make things easier from our side. Would highly recommend Francesca for everyone!


You are welcome to reach out anytime for questions or concerns about anything related to your special day at no extra cost. If I can help you, it would be an honour and a privilege to support you.

1. You can pick the licence up from any City Hall in Ontario within 90 days of the ceremony. The newest policy is to make an appointment before you go in. Only one applicant needs to go, and must have the partner's original pieces of ID and signatures on the form.

2. Fill in the form before you go to City Hall.

3. You will need to bring 2 pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. One piece of identification must include your photo. These are the documents that are permitted:

- Government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates.

- Valid passport.

- Record of immigrant landing.

- Canadian Citizenship Card.

- Valid Driver’s Licence.

- Valid Ontario Photo Card.

- Certificate of Divorce.

You can go online to apply for your marriage certificate the day of your wedding onwards. I always suggest getting the long (full copy of the license) and short (certificate) forms because you never know when you might need them. Currently it can take up to 12 weeks to receive the certificate, so you would not want to be left waiting if you needed it.

Expediting a marriage certificate is possible, however, the processing time can vary depending upon your needs and the happening at the marriage office. I am more than happy to support you through these steps if you need. I have clients with medical emergencies and immigration needs receive their certificate within 2-3 weeks. If there is an urgent need, we will do all we can to speed up the process.

It is so important to ensure that your wedding officiant is actually registered with the Ministry of Ontario. Here is a link to the government website where you can find my official registration.

Being registered with a Ministry as a reverend, clergy or a chaplain does not guarantee that the person is registered with the province. My personal designation is a Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) whose head office is in British Columbia, but I am only registered in Ontario. However, I can obtain a temporary license to perform a wedding in other provinces.