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Various Customized Signature Healing Offerings

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IN-PERSON & virtual
Reiki & Chakra Balancing Session

Incorporating an eclectic varitey of healing modalities, shift the stagnant energy from your body, thus balancing out the flow of energy from all the Chakras, creating space to leave you feeling lighter and energized.

Metaphysical Mentoring & Wellness Coaching

An eclectic mix of intuitive insight & energy healing to empower you to discover, understand, and implement practical solutions to personal problems.  Discover soul purpose, disolve layers of energy congestions.

Indian Head Massage & Reiki

This treatment includes the shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face using a variety of massage movements to relieve tension, pressure & brain fog. Balance the energy flow to the whole body. Blended with Reiki Healing & a Soundbath you'll leave feeling completely rejuvenated.

Aromatherapy Massage

Activating the senses with the aromatherapy massage & therapeutic effects of the oils brings about an instantly blissful state.  The use of high quality essential oils is an effective way to reduce stress, relax the body, as well as to purify the mind. It has been observed that this massage can support anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, nausea & sore muscles or joints in combination with techniques applied during aromatherapy massage plus the oils used.

Therapeutic Yoga & Chakra Alignment

Restorative Yoga combined with energy medicine, reiki healing, metaphysical mentoring & sound bathing is a natural and soothing approach that supports your body physically and emotionally. Rejuvenate your body and spirit, leave feeling blissful as we release the energy of experiences that create discomfort. Empowerment to navigate life with ease & grace.

Essential Oils & Emotions Custom Consult

 Dive into the Healing Power of Essential Oils with Expert Guidance.

 Are you seeking intuitive holistic support for your mind, body, and spirit? With over a decade of experience in essential oil & emotions therapy, I've helped countless individuals, just like you, find balance and healing in their lives.