After The Wedding Ceremony

Apply For Your Marriage Certificate

I have submitted your Marriage License to the Marraige office. You will need to apply for your Marriage Certificate. Do step #3 apply for a marriage certificate. I suggest apply for both the short & longs forms. It will suggest you wait to apply, but trust me it is okay to apply now, so you do not forget! Currently, I expect that you will receive this within 6 months. If we have expedited your marriage certificate, ignore this step.

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Could you kindly leave me a review? Short & heartfelt would be much appreciated. As you know it really helps support my business & new clients in making the best choice for their officiant. 
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Share Your Professional Photos

If you had a professional photographer at the wedding, once you get some sneak peeks, please send me a few of your favourite photos so I can post them with your review. I will be sure to give your photographer photo credit.

Keep in Touch!

Feel free to reach out if you need anything further from me. If you would like to share your life events with me, like new pups, homes, babies, move to a new country, please do! I certainly hope our paths cross again! 

Other Offerings

If you have not already seen this, I may be able to support you in other areas of your life. So if you would like healing sessions, baby or home blessing, conscious coupling experiences or any of my products, check out the other tabs on my website.

Photo Credits

A special thank you to Shae and Evan for the beautiful photos of the ceremonies displayed in this page.