on nurturing yourself with a healing session
Your Journey Has Just Begun

I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I love sharing my gifts. 

I may have given you some "next" or "integration" steps to follow through with. Again, every person is so individual and each session is unique. Sometimes these notes are written for you to implement and other times we simply plant these seeds of intention in your subconscious.

Please let all of these next steps flow and fall into place naturally. Trust me, it is a beautiful process that unfolds as it is meant to. The most important piece is to continue with your healing journey however it feels best.

Book In Advance

If I have advised follow up sessions, it is best that you book them in ASAP and to follow through with them. 

Booking ahead is essential to get a spot, as spaces are limited, and to hold you accountable. Personally I find scheduling things the only way that it happens. 

Otherwise we desire without intention to follow through, and we want to set ourselves up for success.

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In Between Sessions
Keep Learning About Yourself

In between sessions remember all the offerings available on the Blog portion of my website. Creating all this material is no small feat, so please do take advantage of it all the meditations, recipes, podcasts & articles that I've posted.

To use along with your private sessions, I highly encourage you to sign up for my Chakra Alignment Course, which is an online, self-directed course.  It aligns beautifully with your session. As a private client you are privy to an Exclusive Code, so please make sure you ask me for it! Kindly Note, Tools for Transformation is hosting my course, do take advantage of the Free Astro-Clearing Cirlces!

If you need to connect in between sessions, feel free to reach out to me personally, I will shift things in my schedule, if possible, to tend to more pressing matters.  Sometimes it is just a quick text or a few minute phone call that can sufficiently assist you.  As you may recall, I can send energy immediately if you simply ask for it.

Please leave a review!

If you would be so kind to leave a short & heartfelt review on my Website or Google about your experience it would be greatly appreciated. Reviews certainly help support those who are unsure if my offerings are right for them and often offer the drive to find the courage to ask for guidance.

Book a Free Essential Oil Consultation

If you enjoyed the oils, and would like to have some in your home, please accept this FREE Essential Oil Consultation. No strings attached- Promise!

The oils that come up in your session are not necessarily the oils that I would advise for you to use at home. We can have these oils delivered straight to your door or you can pick them up at the clinic on your next visit. 

The essential oils that I have chosen to work with for over a decade have a very high vibration and are different to what you might find in other stores. If you are already comfortable using oils in your home, you may want to add these into the mix.

There is absolutely no pressure to purchase even following the consultation. You may even already have them at home! 

Maybe you already know which oils you need. If that's the case you can place an order here at any time!