3-Day Yoga Retreat

3-Day Yoga Retreat

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Immerse yourself in nature during an intimate 3-Day Yoga Retreat! You can pick a location of your choice or I suggest Cobblestone Farm just north of Cobourg 100km East of Toronto. Our theme this year is LOVE, love for Self! We will balance out all our Chakras with a focus on the Heart Chakra.

Join me for 3 days of yoga, meditation, healthy eating and nature that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and transformed. All the delicious foods you'll enjoy on the day will be prepared in house with love. Vegetarian meals guaranteed to please all your taste buds and to defy any reservations you may have. We will be using fresh ingredients right from the Bonta garden too! We are willing to cater to your nutritional needs as well, including gluten-free & non-dairy.

This 3-day retreat includes: 

Day One
1-2pm Welcome Circle & Garden Tour 
2-3pm Garden Yoga Flow
3-4pm Nature Walk & Meditation
4-5pm Check in at Cobblestone Farm
5-7pm Dinner- BBQ Black Bean Burgers with Grilled Garden Fresh Goodness
8-9pm Yoga Nidra
9pm onwards Chill Time

Day Two
8-9am Breakfast - Fresh Baked Goods, Overnight Oats & Fresh Berries
9-10am Dynamic Vinyasa Flow
10-11am Rest/Healing Session/Hike/Journal/Read
12-2pm Lunch - Buddha Bowl Create Your Own Experience
2-4pm Rest/Hike/Journal/Read
4-5pm Self-Love Workshop
5-8pm Cooking Class & Dinner - Dhal & Rice with Curried Veggies
8pm onwards Chill Time

Day Three
8-9am Breakfast - Fresh Farm Eggs Fritatta & Glorious Greens
9-10am Slow Chakra Flow
11am Check Out &  Lunch-To-GO-Box
12-1pm Closing Circle Mandala 

Please bring:

  • rubber boots/water shoes
  • a towel
  • extra clothing to accommodate weather
  • yoga mat
  • cushion & blanket for yoga classes
  • bug repellent/sunscreen
  • a journal
  • open heart & lots of smiles (mandatory)
Date: TBD

Location: Your choice or 3286 Cornish Hollow Road, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada K9A 4J9

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Customer Reviews

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The Best Gift You Will Ever Give Yourself!

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and this is my fourth yoga retreat with Francesca. I would (and will) follow her anywhere! Francesca is a deeply intuitive and empathetic person who leads all of her yoga, meditation, and healing sessions with wisdom, creativity, and compassion. Francesca is grounded and honest and playful in her approach. The food she provides and the welcoming space she cultivates truly nourish the body and soul. I ALWAYS learn something new from her and from the group of strong and fascinating women that her retreats and energy attract. I ALWAYS leave her retreats with the seeds of something to ponder, as well as a renewed sense of peace and strength. I am profoundly grateful for all that Francesca has brought into my life. Namaste :)

OH Chantal! Your kind words brought tears of joy to me again. It is such an honour to be part of your life for all these years. I openly welcome the opportunity to lead experiences for you to attend. I also learn so much from every offering. The tribe that comes my way really is a gift to guide. I am so grateful for you.

Nourishment for the Body & Soul

Francesca is the best host! She makes our health and wellbeing a priority and it is reflected in the meals she and her team prepared for us. The meals were mainly vegetarian/vegan and were so creative and delicious. Carnivores would be mind blown at how good meatless meals can be! The yoga classes were great for all levels. Not intimidating at all as some may be worried about. I love the venue, Cobblestone Farmhouse. The property had luscious green land surrounding it plus a stable with horses! I was able to slow down, connect with nature and really take in the beauty of the small details that we are often too busy to appreciate. My favorite part of the retreat was the energy of the group. I cannot stress enough what wonderful women I had the pleasure of getting to know. Being surrounded by all the positive vibes and connecting with everyone made this a healing experience for me. This retreat was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Rose you are an absolute gem. It has been so fabulous to know you all these years. Everytime we meet we pick up where we left off. I know you have travelled the world and experienced so much, food, wellness & thrill. Knowing that you choose to come back to mmy offerings every year ignites my heart so much.

A magical experience

This was my first retreat with Francesca and it was such an amazing experience. The women were so lovely, the food exquisite and the accommodations were great. The program was so wonderful and I loved practicing yoga outdoors on the beautiful grounds, I had the best time and left feeling relaxed and grateful with a full heart. I can't wait for the next one!!!
Thank you so much Francesca for all that you do, xo

Natalie it was an absolute delight to have you at the retreat. I am so happy our paths crossed and that you are so open to receiving my offerings. In a rather short time I have seen you benefit beyond words for following through on the 'guidance' I have provided. I am so excited for what the futrure will hold for you!

Natalie Paradiso
Annual Retreat

My daughter and I met Francecsa over 6 years ago at a spa retreat. She was by far one of the best yoga teachers we had practiced with. Although we are from Montreal - we make it a point to attend Francecsa’s retreats because they are wonderful. She seems to attract such great people at these events. So you get a complete package and the food is plentiful and yummy and nutritious. We highly recommend attending these retreats. Namaste

Natalie, you and Stephanie are simply fabulous and I am so touched that world wide yoga retreat travellers such as yourselves are inspired by my offerings. Grateful beyond words!
In Love & Light

Peace, love and joy

Great retreat experience with a fabulous group of women. The food is prepared with love by all. Your heart and belly will over flow.
Francesca is extremely thoughtful in her programming to ensure we flow with what the day brings us to explore.
Highly recommend the retreat experience with Francesca.

Leading you through retreats for all these years absolutlely lights my heart! I appreciate you so much!