Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program
Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program
Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program
Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program
Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program
Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program

Celebrant & Holistic Practitioner Training Program

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Metaphysical Practitioner & Celebrant Training Program
Become a Celestial Ceremonies Academy Graduate

* The Celestial Ceremonies Academy is here to offer you the opportunity to create soul nourishing experiences for your community.
If you are interested in creating ceremonies & offerings to support others through life's milestones like weddings & other key celebrations, you're in the right place.
Feeling called to use your spiritual gifts & insights to assist others to navigate life's adversities? I am here to help you unleash your innate gifts.
An international program endorsed by CIMM, Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. 

* This Metaphysical training program was created to provide a personalized approach.  Quality one-on-one time provides an opportunity to support you most in the area your heart desires.  As everyone coming to this training is unique, the offerings will be directed towards quality time spent where you need it most.  This is a self-paced program inclusive of online video modules, instructional videos, e-books downloadable material & 12 hours of live one-on-one guidance offered to compliment your availability.  You can start anytime & graduate within 3-12 months.   

Who Can Apply
* An interview will be conducted to ensure the teaching aligns with your desire to be of service & sharing within the realm of metaphysics.  This training enhances all personal spiritual belief practices.  This program is designed for you if you are interested in deepening the understanding of yourself, your healing journey & your gifts.  If you are interested in an entrepreneurial career that is flexible, fun & filled with joy at any point in your life, this program will allow you to fulfill this dream & passion.  Adults of any demographic, educational & spiritual beliefs are welcome to apply. A new graduate, retired, needed to work around your family's needs, being called to do some good in this world or simply looking for extra revenue while having fun, this program provides you the opportunity to recoup your investment within the first month of practice. 

* With this training, you will be qualified to officiate ceremonies, provide spiritual support and run a ministry.  You will receive a certificate of completion from Celestial Ceremonies Academy, Toronto, ON, Canada.  Graduation from this course grants you the opportunity to register to become an ordained clergy through the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) with the title of Reverend.

* Upon graduation, you will have international qualifications to officiate weddings globally. CIMM obtains registration through the department of Vital Statistics with the provincial government, thus in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, you will be government registered and authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies in the Province in which you reside.  You will need to make an application to your local governing authority outside of these geographic areas.

Spiritual Offerings
* Offer Holistic Services based on your intesters & unique calling.  Create a signature healing service to support your congregation.  You will be personally supported on how to connect with your unique gifts & how to apply yourself professionally & with integrity. Guidance will also be offered as to how to build a congregation, it is much easier than you think!

Ceremonies & Celebrations
* Create & lead ceremonies to serve within healthcare, women's circles, senior, youth & other groups that interest you. You will also be coached on how to offer funeral services, hold end of life celebrations & baby blessings. You will be guided through all the stages of how to effectively & efficiently hold space for others as you offer ceremonies & circles to support members of your following.  

Course Outline
* Time Frame
3-12 months self-directed with virtual 1:1 contact hours

* Contact Hours 10 + 2 bonus
- Getting to Know You
- Chakra Alignment Integration
- Metaphysical Module Integrations
- Customized healing session
- Evaluations 
- Personalized support
- 2 hours once CIMM certified & into practice
Video Library & E-Books
* Welcome to the Celestial Ceremonies Academy
* CIMM approved-wedding officiant, celebrant end of life, baby blessings, healing sessions, leading circles & support groups, community collaborations

Metaphysical Exploration
Intro - Getting to Know You| Understanding Metaphysics
Module 1-7  Chakra Alignment Course 
Module 8 - Types of meditations 
Module 9 - Breathing Techniques 
Module 10 - Mindful Movement 
Module 11- Essential Oils & Emotions
Module 12 - Soundbathing 
Module 13 - Energy Work - Reiki, Pendulum, Higher Self, Synchronicities, Journalling  
Module 14 - Energy Work - Astrology, Talk Therapy, Affirmations, Intentions, Vibrational Language
Becoming a Celebrant
Module 15 - Creating & Facilitating Ceremonies
Module 16 - Wedding Ceremonies
Module  17- Supporting a Communities & Building a Congregation
Module 18 - Baby Blessings
Module 19 - End of Life Support, Celebration of Life & Funerals
Module  20 - Business Basics
Module 21 - Your Image
Module 22 - Your Organization/Ministry

* A thorough interview will be conducted to ensure a good fit & clear understanding of expectation
* Credit card or e-transfer payments accepted 

Commencing Your Practice
* Upon Graduation you will receive endorsement & referrals from Francesca with the potential to recoup your investment within your first month of practice.  

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