Francesca's Chai- With Love from India Limited Edition

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Friends, do I have a treat for you!  This batch of my Chai blend has ingredients from my mother-in-law's personal harvest from the rainforest area of Kerala, India.  The flavour & scents are so divine. 

A smooth blend of spices to nourish your soul. Enjoy this blend of black tea (rooibos available), cinnamon, cardamon, peppercorn, ginger, cloves, star anise, nutmeg & tumeric.

Personally, I like to let all the ingredients be free in the pot because I love the way the star anise & other spices look floating around.  Albeit, it is much neater to keep it all in the tea sachet.


  1. Bring 1 L of water & one of the spice & tea packets to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the bio-degarable tea bag or if you have emptied the contents into the pan, pour mixture through a strainer and reserve the liquid for concentrate.
  2. Mix equal parts concentrate with warm milk or non-dairy milk. 
    Alternately, you can add more water instead if you do not want the creaminess.  
  3. Option:  Sweetener of choice (honey/maple syrup/brown sugar)
  4. Option:  Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to one week.

3 Sachets per package
Each Tea Sachet makes 2 liters - translates to eight 250ml servings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Spectacular flavors in the Chai Tea!!!

The depth of flavors in this chai tea is impressive! In addition to what you would expect, it also has peppercorn, and turmeric too! Spectacular 🧡. I even added it to me overnight oats and it was amazing!

Simply Amazing

If you're a chai lover, you definitely have to try this! It has a very rich flavour with a lot of depth. It is hard to describe how good it is, you have to try it!

Delicious Chai

My recent order of Francesca's Chai is delicious!
The ease of online ordering is a 10⭐️

I agree with you Veronica! hahahaa
Thanks for your support!

Leslie Richards
A Chai Experience

Loved this Chai experience at the retreat & very excited to have Francesca's Chai at home 🤗

My Chai is more of an experience than a tea bag. Prepping it a home as per the directions is rather easy, just takes a few minutes & the taste so divine! It can help transport you back to our bliffful time together.

Carly Cleverdon

This is delicious!!! Perfect balance of spices and I love that you can make up a big batch at once. I have tried so many different brands and blends. This one is definitely my favourite.

Ohhhh so excting to hear that this is your favourite! There are so many fabulous prodcuts for us to choose from. I am happy to hear that the energy infused into my Chai creation pleased your tastebuds! It is such an honour to share this with you.