Healing Session Gift Certificate

Healing Session Gift Certificate

The gift card is valid for a Healing Session with Francesca + a Custom Essential Oil Blend.

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Feeling so Light

As someone who has a deep rooted affinity for alternative medicines and practices I went into this session hoping to feel a sense of realignment after an incredibly stressful summer. In essence, I was feeling as though my own spirituality practice was not getting me back to feeling centred and grounded as quickly as I was hoping for.
After the healing session I felt a bit of anxiety which is to be expected after a more intensive session, but not even twenty four hours later I felt this boost really take effect. Instead of my thoughts ruminating in harsh circles and refusing to settle, they felt very light and linear. I was able to note them delicately and progress with my day with so much more ease. I also felt much more resilient to the negative energies that inevitably effect our days, and like to think I projected a balanced and positive one back to those who entered my path. When this energy exchange happens often, it can really boost your mood long term, and I feel as though this session made it easy for me to maintain this balanced sense of ease and aura as I went about my days.
Francesca also provided some insightful analogies that I was able to carry with me when I started to feel anxious or stressed and those little tidbits help immensely when the mind & body begins feel overwhelmed in everyday life.
Essentially I received exactly what I was hoping for with just one session, and do plan to attend many many more.
xx thank you!


Francesca is a truly gifted practitioner who really cares about each of her clients and adapts to every individual needs. Her private healing sessions feel custom-made and are filled with the most positive, nurturing and caring vibes. Her energy and aura are a BLISS and her methods leave you feeling way lighter plus they give you a wider perspective on what's happening in your life.
All of her products are also fantastic: I use her spices, herbs and chai and they're all absolutely delicious. Her jewellery and oils are also part of my self-empowering journey: they're so powerful to go ahead and overcome the obstacles that often make us feel stuck. You can trust anything Francesca does because she puts all her heart and intuition in it!

Francesco Garofalo
Food for the Soul

Let’s start with her dope @$$ name! ;P Francesca is literally doing the Lords work. A sweet earth angel (accompanied by the best assistant healer in all of the land, Zoya!) is always looking out for your best interests, even when you’re not in a session, she’s still checking in and energetically reaching out. Francesca’s curated many beautiful offerings with a mix of different healing modalities from touch, to sound, to crystals, and so much more. Her Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions are food for the soul and a full sensory buffet! I always look forward to our sessions; leaving her space feeling lighter, realigned, and at peace.

The most Incredible positive experience

I can’t even put it in words how enlighted and zen I felt leaving the session….I was always skeptical towards energy healing because usually don’t trust people that easily to let them too close into my soul. But with Francesca, I felt such connectivity and peace the moment I met her. The level of energy and positivity I had after my session is unspeakable. Thank you for reminding me what to focus on more to achieve the zen mindset I’m seeking. Very grateful that life has crossed our path.

Jenni Frenke
Life Changing

I started my healing sessions with Francesca last summer for my post concussion syndrome that I’ve had four or five years now. It seems to be the missing piece in the help that I needed on my healing journey. The sessions themselves are so relaxing, peaceful and lovely but it is the changes that I have experienced since starting these sessions that have really helped me. My pain is greatly reduced and I am able to feel more present and peaceful in my daily life. Francesca is always there for you. She always gets back right away and I feel that she is always reaching out energetically to help her clients even when she’s not with them. Her holistic and whole body/life approach has positively affected many aspects of my life and for my family as well. I highly recommend the sessions.