Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India
Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India
Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India
Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India
Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India

Francesca's Spice- A Taste of India

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Karma Spice is a delicate blend of flavours:  cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, corriander, cumin, curry, tumeric, garam masala, ginger, mustard & nutmeg.  

This blend is perfect to use in my Kitchari Recipe, stir it in with a can of chickpeas or use on meats.  If playing with spices isn't your thing, but you love flavour in your food give this a try.  You can also add more of your favourite spices or intensify the heat factor by adding chili seeds or cayenne pepper.

60g or 20g packages available

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Karma Spice and Everything Nice

I love Karma Spice and use it in all of my cooking to add flavour. It’s great on veggies like cooked spinach and adds so much flavour to chicken and beef. I also use it when cooking chickpeas or lentils. Try Karma Spice. It really makes Everything taste Nice. 😊 Fil

Fil I absolutely love seeing the photos of the foods you create! Please keep sending them to me! It delights me to know you feel Karma Spice makes everything nice! You have been such an important part of my journey!

Delicious spice blend

warm, delicate blend of Indian spices. really lovely.

Such a beautiful way to decribe these spices!

Delicious and easy to use!

Loving this spice mix and use it in place of curry powder - so much more depth and flavour and works with veggie or chicken dishes (haven't tried on fish or prawns yet but would like to!). So so good!

Hi Jillian, YES!! Go ahead and use it on fish & prawns! We have tried and tested it. I am so happy to hear how much you are loving these products.


This spice is so amazing we put it on everything from meat to roasted veggies! It’s our households fav!

I am so happy to hear this, and love that you are sharing these fabulous flavours with your liittle one too!


OMG i have no idea how I can ever not have this in my pantry ever! Since this lovely gem of spice concoction arrived, I can't even take the credit of how yummy my amateur cooking skill is...LOL. As a big fan of one pot/ pan/ quick prep but quality cooking, Karma Spice just made all my dishes not just so much easier, but soooo incredibly full of intricate flavour that I would have never figured what spices to 'by chance' favourite so far is chicken breast, Karma spice, salt&pepper, yogurt and lemon juice - mixed and straight in oven... and oh! i can't start my day without my Karma Spiced omelette ever since as well...

I am so happy to hear that you all love the flavours so much! I created this blend to make healthy food easy & delicious! mmmmmmmmmmmmm, your recipe sounds divine!